Honesty in a relationship

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     By Rossi Davis

          Numerous times partners just assume that what they are hearing is what the other person is saying. Being honest does not only pertain to fidelity. Being honest in a relationship applies to all components of it. Honesty is an essential part in a relationship when it comes to money issues. Do you have the money to make the purchases that the two of you have made? Can you afford to pay your debt? Should you continue on making extravagant expenses to impress the other when in fact you’re unable to afford it? Are you staying in a relationship only because you are co-dependent or because of fear what will people say if you break the relationship off? A person must be honest with oneself first before being honest with the other.  When unclear about where things stand ask questions for clarification.  This will save you time by preventing you from engaging in a disagreement leading which then can lead to conflict and prolong a miscommunication pattern between the two of you. 

          I usually use the acronym PASS © to assist couples in working on their communication style.

P – Plan (have a plan of how you want to bring up something for discussion)

A – (Assess the situation and Ask questions if you’re unclear about the message)

S – (Sensitively – be considerate and respectful)

S – (Start out the conversation). 

Remember – conversations go two ways!

Author of : Couple’s Communication Made Eeasy (audio CD book)


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