How to Make Money On Your Land

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The first thing you can do to make money on your land is rent or lease it during peak times. Your countryside acreage may be prime hunting land. Hunters will pay big bucks for exclusive hunting rights during the open season. Even smaller tracts of land can bring in hundreds, even thousands of dollars in a single prime week. There are several “generic” land lease forms available online, so check them out.

Make even more money on your land!! Do you have a larger, open area just sitting there unused? Rent it out to a farmer. Farmers in northern Wisconsin pay $40-$75 per acre, per season to rent the land for growing crops. As an added benefit, crop land attracts wildlife, driving up the lease rate listed in step 1. You can really make money quickly with this.

3There are more ways to make money on your land! Section a portion off and rent it out as pasture. There is a huge market for this in many areas. Several regions have changed size requirements for horses, most adopting a 5 acre minimum. Leasing your land will be much cheaper for these people than buying land! You can make money this way, possibly enough to start your own business. 4

If you own a large tract, make a small area available for camping. Open fields, surrounded by woods work great, because you really don’t have to do much to get set up. Just place a few numbered stakes in the ground to mark each campsite. Place an ad in a large city near you for a “rustic campground” and just see how many calls you get. You’ll be amazed by the money making results. Even in Wisconsin, you can charge $25.00 or more per site, each day! You can make lots of money on your land by opening a rustic campground, it could easily turn into a home based business. 5 Section off a small portion of your land for paint ball fights. The market for this is bigger than you realize. A quick $100.00 can be made for a group to use your 20 acre chunk for 4 hours. This can easily be made into a legitimate work at homemag-glass_10x10.gif business! If that’s not what you’re looking for, you can still make a few quick bucks. 6 Does your land have access to a small lake? Charge people to use it! There are many small lakes throughout the country without public access. Charge people $5.00 to get the access they want. Small lakes are appealing because they get fished and are typically very peaceful. Making money at home couldn’t get any easier! 7 The biggest money maker of all is logging. My brother had 20 acres logged, having the Popple and Birch removed. HE WAS PAID $12,000! As an added benefit, new Popple growth comes in extremely thick, which happens to be prime bird, partridge, deer habitat. Remember step 1? Having even a small portion of your land logged off or select cut can make you thousands. 8 Okay, this last one is actually a money saver, not a money maker, but it could save thousands. Many states will allow you to enroll your land as “MFL open”. This means your land is managed forest area, and as such is open to public use. In Wisconsin, you can pick and choose sections of the land to open up, and only pay $1.00 per acre in taxes!! Look at your tax bill, you’re paying way more than that now. A word of caution: Doing this essentially makes your land public domain, you have no rights to kick people off it.


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