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In nov. of 2008 Barack Obama was elected President of our country and on jan. 20 2009 he was sworn into the white house. I personally am not big on politics and what the government has to say but i do have my opinon on the election. Before i continue i want anyone who’s reading this to know that i am not against our President or any of the other canadidates that ran, i would just like to express my view on the descison. For those who voted for Obama based on race, did it out of ignorance and this statement is coming from a black woman. I’m all for making history and changing our world for the better but what alot of black Americans don’t understand is that its not about race or being the first to do something. What good is our black President if he doesn’t do something great with the title he jus earned?? I’m not doubting him, but just to praise him for being or first black President is meaningless if he doesn’t represent us well during his term. And to the ignorance that just focused on race, you have to understand that our federal gov’t is still ran by a white man believe it or not. Obama has to answer to someone to and those people in the supreme court and anyone else he needs to sign off on a bill aren’t all black if any. I only wish the best to our President and pray that God is with him always. To end what i have started, i want to apologize to anyone i have offened but i won’t apologize for expressing myself


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