age and marriage

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Does age and marriage often conflict? Does it make a difference on how long it will last? Do we know what were’re really getting into? Is this the person i want to spend the rest of my life with? These questions often come up when we marry young or see someone young who is married. Me being twenty and married ask myself these questions from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, i deeply love and husband and absolutley adore my daughter but sometimes i sit and think what my life would be like if i wasn’t married and didn’t have a child. It sometimes hurts to say that my mom pressured me into getting married so soon to avoid taking care of me for the next couple yrs. Although i wouldn’t change a thing and would do it the same all over again, i wouldn’t advise anyone to marry so young. bascially b/c you haven’t lived yet. We as humans have goals and accomplishments we want to fulfill and sometimes marriage can put a hold on that. Not to mention i feel a person has to meet diiferent ppl and go different places before we just decide that one person is the one for us. Being married young, i have found my husband and myself often thinking and living a single life, that causes big problems and red flags appear. We all make mistakes but we don’t want one lil mistake to end it all, especially when there’s a child invovled. I’ve only been married two yrs and already i’ve learned so much. The best advice i can give anyone who’s married young and old, is to keep people out of your business (especially friends and family) and have strong communication skills with your spouse. And please please please learn to AGREE to DISAGREE….it prevents alot of arguments. i hate arguments lol


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