Panzer General Allied Assault – Video Game Review

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Panzer general allied assault is a game that takes video games to new heights. It represents playing a board game and it`s even equipped with the dice and cards. It is a slow moving game and plays similar to an actual war strategy board game. Anyone who is a fan of this sort of thing will find that this game surpasses their expectations.

In the game the Americans are battling the Germans. It looks similar to a board game and the cards and dice determine al placements on the board or screen and all battles. Each scenario views the army on opposite sides as the starting point.

During battle players can take over tiles in their enemy`s home row, they can conquer a percentage of spaces and whip out rival units; they can also take the enemy`s home base.

Playing cards costs prestige points and these are earned through conquering territory and removing it after battles. There are three varied classes of cards. There are the action cards which can give you special abilities during game play. Combat cards give bonuses during engagement and you can use them to increase offensive or defensive values or soften up the enemy during a sniper attack. And unit cards can give you paratroopers artillery and various types of tanks and armoured vehicles.

The board is played on a special terrain that can make it difficult to battle in certain areas. For example in forest and hilly areas it might be hard to attack enemies there, the environmental surroundings will make it close to impossible to win. It is also not wise to attack and send troops through non-grass areas, because troops can sink and get stuck in the muddy areas.

When planning attacks there are many things to consider in this game and if careful consideration is not giving you might find yourself at the mercy of your opponent. You will need to take a look at your rivals attack abilities, layering forces and enemy positioning before you determine your strike move and theory.

The complaints seen with this video game is that the battle are too long and drawn out. And this is aided by slow dice rolls and waiting for the game to finish its text prompts explaining what to do all the time. When you try to custom your deck, the interface is so uncoordinated that it doesn`t feel right. The map terrain is not varied enough to push through to other levels quickly.

This video game acts like a board game; its bonus is that you don`t have to find people to play with. So you can turn your console on and begin the game against the system. The only drawback is if you get mad at your opponent, they won`t really know. Playing two player modes is fun too, the game can get quite interesting as you butt heads over what is happening. The idea that the cards and dice play a role, make it hard to win even if you are one very strategic player. Of course being a careful and strategic player will help you if the odds are in your favor.

It is recommended to get this game if you are into board games that make luck up to your dice and turn at cards. If however you prefer a different type of game you might find it too frustrating to play.

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