No Expectations = No Disappointments

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Life is full of disapointments!! Promises made then broken, jobs given then taken , money and gifts expected but never recieved, uncurable diseases, and days that aren’t promised to us. Thats why i live by a motive that tells me if i don’t expect anything then i won’t be disappointed if i don’t get anything (if i don’t expect SHIT i won’t get SHIT).

People expect so much from our government, our jobs, our community, even other people, and when they don’t get what they expected there’re disappointed, they can only blame thereselves b/c people disappoint people all the time. things don’t always go our way thats why we should strive to do what we can for ourselevs and not expect a handout from anyone.

America has become lazy because our gov’t has given us to much freedom and opportunities that we often take advantage of, such as: welfare, unemployment, anything that we can do to beat the system to get out of hard work. Don’t get me wrong i think America is the greatest country in the world and i love our freedom, but its ashame how people take advantage of what we have, while other countries who don’t have struggle to earn the right to speak freely, have as many kids as they want, and live how they wish w/o fatal consequences


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