Life – Dance And Sing Like There Is No Tomorrow

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What are the repercussions of the rat race of today?

The number of divorces in today’s world continues to increase due to various reasons. Lack of money, less time spent with each other and more importantly, lack of selfless love for each other are the very key reasons. If you read the newspapers or watch the news, you might realize that more and more people are forgetting about values and principles.

Everything seems to revolve around money these days including the so-called undying love among some couples. What is happening to the world of today? Is it not important to tune into ourselves and reach deep within ourselves?

For the power of selfless love resides deep within us. Dance and music are wonderful tools to feel and express that bottomless store of selfless love. Dance and sing like there is no tomorrow.

Feel the joy of music deep within you, move to the rhythm of music without any care in the world. It does not matter which type of dance you like, traditional, modern, contemporary, free or anything else. Choose any musical instrument, which your heart desires to play, guitar, sitar, piano, organ or whatsoever. Fuse Eastern music with Western music to create universal music.

Release all your pent-up emotions, your joys, your sorrows, your pain, your suffering, your doubts, your fears through dance and music, till there is no more pain or sorrow to let out anymore, till a sense of inner calm and peace takes over you. If you cannot or do not want to dance or sing, then, open your heart and soul to those who sing, dance or play music. You can still feel the freedom of release and the joys of the universe.

Connect to the Universe, the birds, the trees, the Sun, the Moon and let the inner peace and calm sink deep within your heart and soul. Only then would you truly be able to feel the power of selfless love and reach out to others in need of that very love. Every heart and Soul on this planet Earth yearns for it, secretly or openly. The essence of dance and music are spirituality and selfless love, coming from the Divinity that resides deep within all of us.



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