Love Poems

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It is thought that Michelangelo Buonarroti would have become very famous in his lifetime if he had focused all of his attention on writing poetry. But, his poetry was overshadowed with the other work that he was doing. Michelangelo Buonarroti was also a painter, a sculptor, and an architect. He did paintings for the Sistine Chapel in Rome. In his poetry, his statements can be described as direct and powerful. Part of a tradition in love poetry is the phrase, “ravished by all that to the eyes is far.” The love written about by this poet is divine and can not be fully experienced in the human body. Therefore, the love experienced on earth is merely a foreshadowing of the love that waits beyond.

“The River Merchant’s Wife” is a dramatic love poem. The poem is written in the form of a poetic letter from a wife to her husband. The lovers were friends in childhood. This is discussed in the poem, along with the earlier parts of the lovers’ marriage. It seems to be written in a formal tone, but that does not hide the wife’s love and affection for her husband. The writer of this love poem is Li Po.

“A Red, Red Rose” is the name of another love poem. It is a simple poem that was written by a man named Robert Burns. “A Red, Red Rose” is a very popular love poem, where the poet mentions only a few things. But, those few things are elemental and universal. They are: a rose, music, the ocean, rocks, and time. It is simple and direct, while having a feeling of complete sincerity. Those simple, yet elemental aspects of the love poem come together beautifully as one of the most popular love poems in history.


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