Is It The End Of The World – 2012

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Is our world really going to end in 2012? The latest developments show that the apocalypse is not just a rumor or a fable but it might really happen.

The Mayans foretold this day would come many centuries before. They have predicted and calculated many things with extreme accuracy which leads us to think that this would also take place.

THe scientists have been widely speculating in regard to this disaster. There are many theories which predict the different ways of our earth getting destroyed.

THe most famous one are the solar radiation, volcanic eruption and the shifting of the earth’s magnetic field.

Scientist believe that the solar radiation energy emitetd by the sun follows a cyclcic increase and decrese in the intensity. The maximum intensity in this cycle is believed to occur somewhere in the end of 2012 which might increse the earths temperatture drastically leading to death.

The volcano under the Yellow Stone National Park is one of the most famous and biggest in the world. It is theorised that the pressure inside the volcano is building rapidly and it may lead to a huge volcanic eruption somewhere near 2012.

Also it is known to most of the high school students that the earth,s magnetic field chanes direction continuously through the centuries. It is Thought that the earth’s magnetic field in 2012 would be in such a way that it would allow a lot of UV radiation to enter inside the earths atmosphere. The intensity would be so great that anything that gets exposed to the radiation would burn and perish. It may wipe out the entire life out of earth.

All these may seem to be a scary preposition. We can never know what is true and what is not until we really reach 2012. Given the fact that it is not too far off it is a better option to sit and wait than to continually discuss on this topic which would give us no result.

The Bible describes the Deluge in great detail but elementary mathematics can prove that such a deluge can never exist on earth. So will our world end in 2012? Lets wait till the end and see.


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