Preserving Our Summer Fragrances

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Have you every heard of rose jars? It is an old and elegant custom in which you are able to preserve the wonderful fragrances of summer. Roses usually have a delightful fragrance that you may want to preserve and keep around during the winter time when all of the lovely flowers are gone for the season and those wonderful summer fragrances can’t be found. This is why people love rose jars. They allow you to preserve those fragrances and keep them with you throughout the following seasons.

Even though many roses have a delicate fragrance that you can preserve and add to your rose jar, other roses don’t seem to have a fragrance at all. So, you’ll have to choose your roses by smelling them and finding the ones with the best fragrance. Many years ago, most of our modern roses weren’t even around. But, today we have a large variety of roses and many of them have a wonderful fragrance that our ancestors didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy.

To create a rose jar of your own, you must select an appropriate container. As long as the jar has a lid, then it will work just fine as a rose jar. But, most people prefer to use an attractive jar for the art. Beautiful Chinese jars are a good choice.

Early in the morning, while dew is still on the flowers, gather the petals. Choose the ones with the most fragrance. Find a shaded area that has no wind and spread the petals out to dry. You can toss them around occasionally to ensure that they dry completely.

Then you may place them inside your rose jar. The fragrances will be preserved inside your rose jar and you can enjoy the fragrances of summer, even throughout the winter.


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