Tips On How To Find Financial Aid

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Once students graduate from high school, education becomes a personal expense; therefore, for many, there is a need to find some form of financial aid to pay for the educational expenses incurred while pursuing a degree. 

In many cases, government based grants are limited in number and in award amounts, forcing students to find other ways to finance their post-secondary education. 

Secondary and post-secondary counselors are familiar with most well known financial aid options; however, with the rising costs of education, the thinning award amounts, and the increasing competition, students need to find other ways to secure financial aid. 

So, along with checking well known financial aid sites, like,, and College Board, the student may want to find some other alternate ideas.

 Following are some suggestions a student might want to consider when searching for financial aid. 

Be Creative

This is meant not only in ways to find sources of income, but in the actual meaning of the word.

For example, if photography is a well developed passion, the student may want to think about contacting well known photographers and submitting scholarship proposals that will benefit both parties, especially if the student is seeking a degree in photography. 

Use Family Heritage 

The student may want to find out specifics about his/her heritage and then search online for educational possibilities to fit the family’s background. 

For example, let us assume the student is from Italy and specifically the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region. There are a few scholarship opportunities for students of Italian descent. These can be found on regular scholarship websites.

However, the Friuli region has specific educational opportunities open only to descendants residing abroad. The student will need to prove the ancestry line; but, once that is done, the path is open.

Contact Major Corporations 

Many large corporations have funds they set aside for donations on a first come first served basis. 

The student should learn about the corporation he/she is going to contact, and create a scholarship proposal showing entrepreneurship. After all, many of these corporations started with one individual with a vision. 

With the plethora of information available on the web, personal ingenuity, and determination, the student should be able to find ways to finance education and achieve his/her goals. 

One point to remember is that there is no cost for asking. If scholarships are obtained, all is gained. If scholarships are not obtained, the student will have learned valuable insights in communication, diplomacy, and finances.


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