Champions Of The Animal Kingdom

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There are several different types of champions in the animal kingdom. Each one is either the best at what it does or it is number one with a certain characteristic. Human beings would probably not be able to compete with most of the abilities of these animal champions unless those people were aided by machinery.

Animal champions include the fastest land animal, the fastest diver through air, the fastest flyer, the deepest diver through water, the largest animal, the largest land animal, and the longest snake. Being slow may not seem like something that makes a champion, but this article will also discuss the slowest land animal.

Everyone knows that cheetahs are incredibly fast. However, they may not realize that cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world. Cheetahs can run at a speed of up to seventy miles per hour.

Have you ever heard of a peregrine falcon? Perhaps not, but peregrine falcons are the fastest air divers in the world. They can dive through the air at a speed of up to one hundred and fifteen miles per hour. That’s fast!

While the peregrine falcon claims the title of being the fastest diver through air, it didn’t make the cut when it comes to the fastest flyer. The common eider is the fastest flyer in the world, flying at speeds of about forty five miles per hour.

The emperor penguin is the deepest diver through water. The emperor penguin can dive to about eight hundred and seventy feet. That’s pretty deep.

The largest land animal is the African elephant, weighing up to five tons. But, the largest animal in the world lives in the ocean. It is the blue whale, weighing up to one hundred and fifty tons.

The south American boa constrictor is the longest snake in the world, reaching a length of about thirty seven feet.

You may not be surprised to learn that the snail is the slowest land animal in the world. It can only cover a distance of about two or three feet per minute.


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