Models Who Are Considered Too Thin, Are They Too Skinny?

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What is too thin? Many people think, too thin is not healthy and does not look good. For many models,  thin is not an issue. The models have to meet certain weight standards to be able to model. Modeling is a job and just like many jobs…you have to meet the companies standards, whether is with weigth, height or dressing standards. Many models are just naturally too thin, while some may feel pressured in being thin.

The body-image researcher Sarah Murnen, professor of psychology at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio says “The promotion of the thin, sexy ideal in our culture has created a situation where the majority of girls and women don’t like their bodies,”  “And body dissatisfaction can lead girls to participate in very unhealthy behaviors to try to control weight.

Girls today, even very young ones, are being bombarded with the message that they need to be super-skinny to be sexy, says psychologist Sharon Lamb, co-author of Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters From Marketers’ Schemes.

We don’t know if they are healthy or not, but people in general, don’t think the frail, fragile look is very feminine, and many people don’t think it’s attractive. “Are they too thin?”


  • KATE MOSS ; British model5’7″ and an estimated 100 lbs is considered to be to thin. Seems almost too slight to bear the burden of controversy settling uncomfortably on her too thin body. Kate Moss said in a WWD interview “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” In fact, she says it’s her motto.
  • Lily Cole ; British modelLily Cole, though she is thin and often thrown into the too-skinny spotlight, Cole fights back confidently saying she is healthy, reported Telegraph. This size zero, 21-year-old who has modeled for labels such as Prada, Moschino and Lacroix refuses to be subjected to criticism.
  • Lindsay Lohan; actress and model…Lohan blames her weight loss on “working a lot,” stress … and lack of sleep when she travels.
  • Mischa Barton; as a model and actress Mischa Barton has been described to be too thin. But she said in an interview, “So lately there’s been a lot of crazy press about my weight and just so you guys know I’m happier and healthier than ever so there is no need to worry about me. Things are really well in Mischa world and I’ve just been watching what I eat.
  • Alessandra Ambrosio;Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is causing a stir, seeming too skinny to be a model for the lingerie line. The Brazilian-born Ambrosio, 29, looked like she barely had any body fat on her during a March shoot in St. Barths. (Splash News).
  • Barbie Twins; though the Barbie Twins bared their bodies in Playboy, people think the Barbie models are too thin. Models are not to blame for society’s obsession with personal image; many people are saying they, like many women, are victims of an over-emphasis on a waif-like physique.
  • Natasha Poly;a run way model, the press stirs her too thin body. Many people say this is her job and as long as she keeps herself healthy, too thin is not bad.
  • Snejana Onopka ; on November 2009 Chris Peake said on Fabric Magazine Models,“While other mags are figuring out their online presence, Numéro Korea shows some amazing photo shoots will do just as well to raise the buzz factor.” Also said that aside from landing the December issue cover, Snejana Onopka proves once again why she’s on top (too skinny comments or not).This Ukrainian model has the unapproachable cool girl down pat.
  • Hana Soukupova; many people think she doesn’t look anorexic. She looks healthy and at almost six foot tall, her body looks lean.
  • Natalia Vodianova; The Australian The Heart of the Nation wrote on one of their articles on February 8, 2009 Russian model Natalia Vodianova became obsessed with diet and weight loss. After recovering, her agency received complaints about her weight gain.”

We all know they are paid millions because they are skinny. The question is, is that right?



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