Making Changes

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I would like to believe that life is a plan that things really do happen for a reason. Sometimes you just can’t see past that. It feels like you aren’t exactly on the right path. You can’t wait for things to happen to you, you have to make things happen. When things don’t go exactly your way, you have to change your way of thinking. Now you have to ask yourself do you have it within you to change. I have to wonder if I have it within me. I know that it isn’t going to be easy, but nothing ever is. Sometimes the hard road is the only one to take. I would be selfish in saying that my life has always been on the hard road, but it really hasn’t. I just make it seem that way. You have to step back and realize how lucky you are to have the things in your life that you have. I know that sounds trite but it really is true. You cannot appreciate what you have until you think of how it would be without those things. If you were to lose the things in your life that you have now, what would your life consist of? It would be nothingness. Your heart would be totally empty and your life is just a void. There are times when you think that you would be better off without the things you have or if you could change things that you have done. But you know what? You would not be the person that you are today without those things, you would be someone totally different. You may think that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but believe me it would. You have to love yourself, the person you are today, not the person that you could have been. The person that you could have been does not exist. But the person you are is the one that can change. Be the person that you want to be, not who you could have been. The best way to start making changes is to change small things. You can’t change everything overnight and if you try, you will fail. It takes time and patience. You have to allow yourself to be the person that you want to be. Therefore you are the only one that can make the changes.


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