Koryo TV

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If you haven’t heard about Koryo brand then first let me introduce the company to you, Koryo is the home brand for Big Bazaar, India’s largest chain of retail departmental store. Big Bazaar is one of the most cheapest retail where everything is available under one roof and Koryo brand of electronic is one of the many available out their in Big Bazaar.

I am writing about my experience with Koryo tv which I had bought few years back from Big Bazaar and I must say Koryo is India’s cheapest electronic brand and provides quality product as well. Back then television were very expensive and Koryo tv was the only television fitting in our budget, firstly we were skeptic on buying the Koryo tv  but since it provided a warranty of one year we finally bought the Koryo tv.

WE have been using the Koryo tv for almost 3 years now and we haven’t had any kind of problem whatsoever, the picture quality is very good and the remote is ergonomically designed as well. Yes one disadvantage is the sound quality of Koryo Tv which isn’t very good but it sure is decent enough for the cheap price we paid for the television. I think if you are looking for some cheaply priced electronic items you can surely opt for Koryo products and I promise you it won’t let you down. Check out Big Bazaar for all the latest price and discounts on Koryo products, being a Big Bazaar home brand there is always some kind of discounts on Koryo product when we buy it from Big bazaar.


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