Using Craigslist to Find Free Webpage Developers and Designers

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Things You’ll Need:

  • account with Craigslist
  • computer
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Domain name
  • Products that you are offering or selling
  • Accountant or Tax Consultant


Get EIN with IRS The first thing I did, was search online for a product niche that suited me. That took me a few weeks. I had to do alot of keyword searching tools, and looked into many drop-shipping offers. Next, I went to my tax adviser, and he set me took me through the process of registering an Employer Identification Number with the IRS. Cost, $125 for the state of Maryland.


Free posting on Craigslist

 Next I went to and registered a Domain name for my business. I had already been approved by a company to be distributor for them, so these are the steps I took after finding the company. I then decided setting up my own website business for too difficult for me. I enlisted Craigslist help. I got an account with them, went under my state, looked up For Sale tab. Under that I went to Free stuff. 

 I started reading the posted ads, and came across a group of students who were needing to build their portfolios to show to prospective employers. They were a group called They were looking for any small business that needed a web page designed for them. Up to 10 pages. Free. I contacted them immediately. Step4 We communicated back and forth via email. They offered me many designs to choose from. They did ask that I sign up with their hosting site, iphost., which was something I was going to have to do anyway. They offered me a 50% off rate if I signed up for 1 year, rather than monthly payments. I did. ($84/yr). We are now at the ‘shell’ stage of design, and they designed my logo and all 10 pages. All this because a group of students needed projects.

These are Graduate students, at a webmaster school. We are in the final phases. I just need to load my information onto my pages they designed. That may take me a bit of time since I am not computer savvy. In conclusion, you can find opportunities to open a Ecommerce business with the help of Graduate students needing portfolio’s


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