Great Buddhist Temples Of Malaysia

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 Tumpat is small town and district, about 20 km from Kota Bharu, the capital city of Kelantan state of Malaysia. Kelantan is in the northeastern Malaysia bordering with Thailand and the influence the Thai is clearly visible here. Tumpat, otherwise a little known place, is also the terminus railway station of the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhard’s east cost line, also called as jungle railway as this line passes entirely through the rain forests of Malaysia.

Tumpat in map can be seen at Tumpat Map

Tumpat has excellent budhist architecture and temples located on all sides of the town. There are about 25 Buddhist temples around Tumpat. The place is a quiet place and usually less crowded, so one can visit the temples and statues of Budha in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the surroundings. The location and brief description of some of the important and most visited budhist temples are provided below for information to the tourists.

1.Buddhalila: Buddhalia is a huge statue of standing Buddha on a square platform of about 5 metres height. The platform can be reached from front and both sides through the steps on on three sides. The statue is standing tall in the open. Devotees can burn smoke sticks before the statue. By the side of the platform, there is a pond. There are some small temples in the huge complex.  

 20100226 KOTA BHARU 020.jpg Buddha statue at Buddhalila  

 It is situated just on the mainroad junction where the road no D21 meets the road no D176. Address: Kampung Terbak (Village Terbak), 16200 Tumpat.Coordinates: 6°10’56″N 102°10’2″E. It is about 2 km from tumpat railway station.   Just by the side of Buddhalila, there is another temple Wat Cheng Buddhavas.  

 2. Wat Machimmaram (Sitting Buddha temple): This temple has a magnificient 50m- high sitting Buddha on the roof. This statue is the largest of its type in Asia.   20100226 KOTA BHARU 033.jpg Sitting Buddha 

20100226 KOTA BHARU 039.jpg Images of Buddha stoires inside the temple

  20100226 KOTA BHARU 043.jpg  

 It is located in Kampung Jubakar, 16200 Tumpat on the road no 134, Jalan Kota Bharu-Pengalan Kubor. Coordinates: 6.186244N ,102.108552 E. Tel:609-7256769.   Just across the road, a Thai temple and village complex,Pattivetaya is located.  

 3.    Wat Maisuwankiri( Dragon Boat floating Temple and Standing Buddha): Here there are two main temples. One Temple has the elegant standing Buddha on the roof. There is another temple which is constructed on a richly decorated dragon boat which looks like floating in a pond of water.  

 20100226 KOTA BHARU 070.jpg Standing Buddha  

20100226 KOTA BHARU 071.jpg Diety in Temple

  20100226 KOTA BHARU 078.jpg Dragon Boat Temple  

 20100226 KOTA BHARU 084_0.jpg Diety inside  

It is located on the road no D 172 in Kampung Bukit Tanah, 16200 Tumpat. Coordinates:  6.177965 N,102.188048 E. Tel:609-7257673.

4.    Wat Kok Seraya: This Temple houses a a modest standing female buddha( Goddess of Mercy – Kuan Yin).   20100226 KOTA BHARU 095.jpg Kuan Yin   Wat Kok Seraya is situated on theroad no D 23, Jalan Berangan, Kampung Kok Seraya, 16210 Tumpat at about 8.5 km from Tumpat. Coordinates: 6.160653 N,102.162707 E. Tel:609-7258458.  

 5.    Wat Pothivihan(Reclining Buddha): One of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, Wat Pothivihan has a huge 40m-long reclining Buddha statue,erected in 1973.   20100226 KOTA BHARU 101.jpg Sleeping Buddha  

 20100226 KOTA BHARU 110.jpg Wheel near sleeping Buddha  

There is a canteen and a rest house in the complex for use by devotees. It is located on the road no D23, Kampung Jambu, 16200 Tumpat. Tel:609-7193019.   To visit these temples, one needs to have a taxi or  a rented car with GPS Navigator as there are no organised tours and the temples are far apart. There are no proper and effective signages for guidance of the visitors.  

Thailand Border:   Just 20 km from Tumpat is Pengakam Kubor, the last point of Malaysia and Thai land is just on the otherside of the Golok river. There is an immigration point and boat transfer across the river Golok  between the two countries. 

 20100226 KOTA BHARU 052.jpg Immigration Complex near the thai border at Pengaklan Kubor

  20100226 KOTA BHARU 056.jpg View of the Thailand across the river Golak from Malaysian side.    

The immigration office is surrounded by many small shops selling clothes, bags, toys, cutlery, and fruits.  

Stay and getting there:

 The ideal location for stay is obviously Kota Bharu which has hotels of all budgets, food outlets and restaurants. Kota Bharu has also many museums of Islamic relegion, Kelantan Royal heritage, Handicrafts, and World War Memorial all located at one location. Kota Bahru can be reached by air, train and road. It takes about 8 hours from Kuala Lumpur by road(450 km) via Bentong, Kuala Lipis, Gua Musong, and Kuala Krai ( route –East coast Highway E8 and federal route no 8). The night train takes about 15 hours from Kuala Lumpur.

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