Smile- The Magical Way Of Life!

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What do you notice in beautiful woman first? What makes you feel that she is beautiful? The answer is pretty simple. I had a conversation with a friend of mine last night, we were simply discussing girls in our office and about one girl he said, ‘Oh no, she is no good. Dude, she can not even smile.’ Boy! It hit me suddenly. He was right. And the answer to my origial question here is the same. A smile upon a lady’s face makes me feel that she is beautiful. Find it hard to believe? Well, picture a lady without a smile upon her face. The same is applicable to guys too! It is applicable to everyone.

Smile has the power to open other person’s heart. A heart felt smile can win you many things and there have been many examples in the past. I have seen many people working as executives. And the first thing that is noticable is the beautiful smile. They smile at everyone, they smile beautifully. Their conversation begins with a smile and yes, ends up with a smile too. Why do they do that? Are they too comfortable with their jobs? Non-sense! They smile because they have understood its meaning and its success, in practical life.

Are you acquainted with a head strong guy, who can do something for you and yet have been refusing it for a while? You do! Oh well, then you can try the ‘Smile’ technique there. I am sure it will work in 99% cases. Let me know how it goes!

Some of the readers might have started saying, ‘Oh, I know this one and it doesn’t help. It doesn’t flatter anyone.’ Oh well, I am not talking about a fake smile that comes from the brain not from heart. That kind of smile never works. It is fake and one easily understands that it is fake. It creates resentment in other person’s heart. NO! We are not discussing ‘Fake smile’. We are talking about a genuine smile, which is appreciated and admired by all. It comes from heart. The message it conveys is, ‘Hello, I am really glad to see you…’ And everyone likes to get that message.

You don’t feel like smiling? Well, here is an idea, you can try it! Go for a short walk in the neighborhood, hum your favorite tune, take a deep breathe and remember the beautiful moments of your life. I can see you have smiled now. Let that smile be a permanent one on your face. And offer it to everyone you meet with. Offer it to your parents, your brother and sister, to your friends, and to your colleagues. This healthy change will be appreciated by everyone. Remember a heart-felt smile can get you done, the most impossible things. Smile, cheerfully and happily!!!


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