Brigitte Daguerre Another Jesse James Mistress: Brigitte Daguerre Pictures

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The countdown begins. Brigitte Daguerre is the third jesse james mistress to say she had sexual relations and contact with Jesse James for almost a year.

According to TMZ, Brigitte Daguerre was hired in 2008 to work on a photo shoot with Jesse, which unfortunately turned into something other than work.

Wow, Jesse James mistresses are pouring out quicker than Tiger’s ever did. Yesterday, Melissa Smith was announced to be number 2 mistress, and not even a full day has gone by another one has landed.

Jesse James better start hiding out, and preparing himself for rehab. Seems that Jesse has a sex addiction. According to Brigitte, her and Jesse only had sex 4 times, before it ended. I don’t care if you had relation once or 10 times cheating is cheating.

Jesse and Tiger have so many things in common. They both have mistresses, nasty looking chicks, sexual text messages, and sex obsessions. Their sex obsessions are going to land them in the deep hole one day.

Going back If I remember Tiger told his mistresses that his marriage to Elin was to boost his popularity. Now we have Jesse who told all of his alleged affairs his marriage to Sandra was a sham. Is this a sign to look for in cheaters or a sign of addiction?

This mistress scandal is getting so played out. Sandra pack your bags and do good for yourself. Here when you think you have the most perfect marriage, it starts to crumble at the bottom of your feet not even knowing. Was Sandra really clueless?

The search is on once again. I feel like a broken record all over again. People will be searching for Brigitte Daguerre pictures. I will tell you this, Brigitte looks way more normal than Michelle, and Melissa, but she is still not as cute as our American sweetheart Sandra Bullock.

To find the pictures of Jesse James Alleged mistress #3 Brigitte go here. In the 11 pictures you have Brigitte posing in sexy lingerie, up against a motorcycle decked out in biker wear, breasts almost hanging out, in a bathtub wearing a Mad Hatter top hat, and posing with other gross looking biker guys.

Expect the 4th mistress to come forward shortly. At this rate it looks like Jesse will out beat Tiger. I just can’t seem to wonder what Jesse really see’s in these other women that he doesn’t see in Sandra.

Sources: TMZ


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