How Dreams Are Communicated

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Dreams are mental pictures that we see in our minds and once we see them we begin to bring them forth by putting them into words and then proceed to bring them into manifestation. They come to us in many ways and in this article I will explain some ways that they are communicated to you.

One can receive a dream from deep inside your soul through dreaming and these dreams can be happen during your sleep or they can come to you when you are wide awake during a day dream. People once were critical of people who were dreamers and saw dreaming as negative, especially those who day dreamed. They would say such things as a penny for your thoughts or snap out of it. However as time went on and people who were considered dreamers began to show that they actually brought forth dreams of their hearts; people began to look at dreaming as a positive force that could lead to greatness.

Ministers began to preach about dreams and how to bring them into fruition because they actually come from God, authors wrote books about dreams, motivational speakers started writing and speaking about manifesting dreams, song writers started to write songs about dreams and singers sang those songs. So now we all know that it is ok to dream and dreams do come true no matter now big or how small if they are worked through properly. In studying dreams we found that if one gets a dream that aspiration will only come true when the person dreaming does their part to bring them forth. They only work as you make a plan and then work the plan to build your pie in the sky.

Dreams are contagious and sometimes dreams come from other people in your life such as ministers, speakers, written words and sometime ones spouse may get an idea and they may pass the idea on to their husband or wife. (example)The wife may see herself in a new home and the husband doesn’t desire to move at the present time. The husband thinks to him self I don’t want to go back into debt and buy a new home because this is where I am comfortable. The spouse keeps the excitement going and encourages them to just go see the home and all of a sudden the spouse finds them self getting excited about the home To their surprise they start seeing them self in that huge yard and diving into that fabulous pool, they feel the water splashing on their face. The two of them bought the home love it and never regretted their decision to purchase the home.

There are other dreams that come from ads in the newspaper, on line or other media. One may be looking on line or driving by a place of business and see a sign that the business is for sale. They may decide that they would like to try their hand at owning that business. They would then make the purchase, make a business plan and began working toward a successful business.

Some people may get a dream from another person who had a dream, started the dream and were not able to complete the dream. The dream fell by the way side for reasons of divorce, cash flow or other reason and you took it on and made a success out of their pursuit.

Aspirations come from many places such as dreaming, daydreaming, other people, written and spoken words. Once you get the dream work to bring it into fruition.


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