Dos and Donts for Writing at Helium

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Helium has tremendous potential for writers to earn money from their articles. Because there are so many ways, even the writer with no real earnings strategy can make some money.

The key to increasing your earnings at Helium, however, is to develop a plan. To increase your earnings at Helium, you need to decide what area you are going to focus on, and then learn the tactics that work best for that particular area.

For example, let’s say you want to earn money on Helium writing for the Marketplace. To increase your Marketplace earnings, you’re going to have to learn to write with the client’s request in mind. Learn the specifications of the article, and make sure that you follow them to the letter. In many cases, the highest rated articles are not the ones that the client picks, because they don’t necessarily meet the client’s needs. You then need to focus exclusively on writing Marketplace articles. When one of your market place articles is purchased, make sure that you continue to submit articles for that particular client.

If you want to increase your earnings at Helium in the contests, you will have to have a different approach. For the contests, you will need to write between 7 and 10 articles in order to place at or near the top. Those articles need to be some of your best work. They need to be readable, and they need to be well formatted and organized. Entering 2 or 3 contests a week, at a minimum, will increase your earnings, as well.

Finally, you might decide to increase your earnings at Helium through performance payments. There are several steps in this process. First, you have to identify a topic that tends to make money. Next, you need to learn some Search Engine Optimization techniques for writing those articles. Once the article is published, you can use social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon to increase the number of page views that the article gets. Ultimately, however, once the article is published there is no guarantee of any earnings.

There are other ways to increase your earnings at Helium, but these methods have been proven time and again to be effective.

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