Tanzania – An Amalgam of Cultures and Ethnic Tribes

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Why people ever choose Tanzania safari is not something mystifying concept. There is no better place for enjoying an elevating cultural and wildlife experience than Tanzania! It is really a matter of discussion why there are so many excitements for this dreamy place to visit.

Tanzania: It’s Natural Beauty

Tanzania is a beautiful place where you can enjoy seeing herds of wildebeest and zebra trekking across the plains on their annual migration. Other animals like lions, leopard, cheetah, elephants and hyena are of great attraction. At Mahale Mountains National Parks and Gombe Stream, it is home to chimpanzees now rarely seen in the wild.

The best developed of Tanzania’s tourism routes is the Northern Circuit where you may happen to see the herds of wildebeest or flocks of brilliant pink flamingos emerging from the mists of alkaline lakes. Arusha is a beautiful town of this circuit. You will be delighted to see famous national parks such as Serengeti, Arusha, Tarangire and Lake Manyara along with well-known landmarks like the Ngorongoro Crater and the Olduvai Gorge.

Tanzania is also a proud place for beautiful beaches whereby you can feel hundreds of miles of palm-fringed sands. Its huge lakes such as Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa are beautiful and bountiful with fish of various types. Its mountains are massive and mysterious that includes Mount Meru, Ol DoinyoLengai, the Usambaras and Mount Kilimanjaro which is often considered as the ‘Roof of Africa’ and the tallest mountain in the world.

Tanzania covers 937,062 sq km being the largest country in Eastern Africa. The coastal areas are usually hot with an average day time temperature of 30°C. Sea breezes often make the climate pleasant starting from June to September.

Tanzania Sport Activities

As there are mountains, Great Lakes and Indian Ocean Coastline, there are plenty of opportunities for sport activities in Tanzania such as water-sports, bird-watching, balloon safaris, camel safaris, caving, diving, deep sea fishing and mountain climbing and many more.

Zanzibar: the Special Islands for Right holiday Experience

Your safari will not be complete if your miss to enjoy the site of Zanzibar. It calls to mind the dreams of romance and mystery which offer the traveler with mass tourism who is seeking an enjoyable holiday experience. Zanzibar covers the islands like Unguja, and Pemba which have always attracted seafarers and adventurers from around the world. You can visit Zanzibar’s historic Stone Town, where the sultans once ruled.

You can either take delights in wandering the forests of Zanzibar or visit some of the ancient and archeological sites for better experience. You can spend a few days here after your safari on the African mainland.

It was the trend of intermarriage of the Arabs with the native inhabitants that gave the way to emerge a new people and language called Swahili whose word – safari – meaning journey has become the description of a trip into the wild. Dar es Salaam, the major trading center has several interesting museums like the National Museum, the Village Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the Karimjee Hall which used to be the National assembly. Why not make your trip to Tanzania even more memorable?


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