Sleaziest Stars In Hollywood

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And the proud winners are…

Charlie Sheen

Did you know that Charlie Sheen once injected liquefied cocaine, leading to an overdose that hospitalized him? In fact, he was soon after discharged from the hospital but, embarassingly enough, his father, famous actor Martin Sheen asked fans worldwide to pray for Charlie following this incident. While this may sound like a rock-bottom moment, it actually pales in comparison to a day eight years prior, when Sheen managed to shoot his fiance in the arm. Charlie Sheen, you so crazy! Shooting your fiance in the arm…

Paris Hilton

Hollywood insiders and close friends alike claim Paris Hilton’s sizzle is off the hizzle fo’ shizzle. To put it medically, Ms. Hilton is rumored to engage in high risk behavior. Rumors and gossip mags and intelligent people everywhere have linked this hotel baronness with leading man and twitch-eyed lady aficianado Leonardo DiCaprio, Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Joe Francis, Eddie Furlong, Mark McGrath a.k.a the lead singer of Sugar Ray, , Deryck Whibley from that band that sounds like the other bands, Jason Shaw, famous Rick Saloman, well-spoken Jamie Kennedy, the notorious Simon Rex, the face-dismantling Oscar De La Hoya, the reasonable and grounded Nicholas Cage, Stavros Niarchos, Paris Latsis, angelic voice talent Nick Carter, A.Jay Popoff and certain anonymous members of the muppet babies anti-defamation league, a venomous band of brigands indeed. Upon further reflection and thorough self-inventory, Ms. Hilton was noted as campaining in the name of curtailing promiscuity to prevent the transmission of disease and to inspire youth in Asia. Did you know all that? I did.


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