Spring 2010: Get The Orange County Fashions

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This Spring 2010, consider the Orange County fashions. OC fashions are always casual, light and relaxed, mostly because of the yearlong temperate weather. But, for this spring, such casual clothes will be polished with tailored cuts as well as print accents.  The eight must-haves include denim, cropped jackets, light-colored pleather, mixed prints, shorts, camouflage or the colors of camouflage, floral, and transparent items.

The first thing that you need to do is take inventory of all the clothes you own in your closets and drawers in order to organize your wardrobe for this spring. Work around what you already own before you add the new needed items in order to complete your look without spending too much money. You might already have some of these eight must-haves from past seasons. In order to be cost-efficient, buy only the minimum amount of items, depending on what you need.

Everyone owns, at least, two denim items. Denim can be any item, whether pants, skinny jeans, shorts, shirts, tank tops, blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts, leggings, hats, shoes, belts, purses, linen or cotton scarf, or other accessories. Set out all of the denim items you own in one area in order to take note of them.

A cropped jacket is the jacket for this spring, whether tailored, dressy, trench coat-inspired, or decorated with sparkling gems or sequins. It is advisable to stay consistent to your own style so that you don’t waste your money on buying different items that cannot be worn together. Such jackets look great with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, and pants. And, some cropped jackets are made dressy for evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

One pleather item in a pale neutral color of your choice, or whatever color that will complement your wardrobe so that it can easily be mixed and matched with other items you own. Your goal is to create as many different coordinated outfits as you can with these eight must-haves. Some items include a pencil skirt, a-line mini skirt, tailored shorts, cropped jacket, modern-shape jacket, cropped trench coat, and accessories.

Mixing prints of different clothing items is still popular. Pants, blouses, leggings, skirts, jackets and accessories can all have different prints and still be worn together as a complete outfit. Just make sure each item has one common color with the other items in the particular outfit.

This spring, shorts look elegant and polished, perfect for cocktail parties. Wear tailored shorts with fancy blouses, bodice tops and cropped jackets, long vests and matching narrow belts, tank tops, camisoles, or elegant shirts. High heel-shoes can now be worn with shorts. Add a small and elegant purse to complete this outfit.

Put together an outfit that either has a camouflage item or items that have the colors of camouflage. Browns, greens, olives, khaki, and tans are the colors to wear as well as a camouflage print item for an accent to an outfit.

Floral is always popular in spring, whether in a mixed-print outfit, short skirt, leggings, cropped jacket, tailored shorts, or accessories. Open-toe sling-back pumps, a purse with flower decorations, a belt with flowers, or flower hair accessories can be the only accent you need for an outfit.

Transparent accessories can further update your wardrobe. These items look modern and clean as well as they go with any outfit. Whether high-heel shoes, comfortable flat sandals, purses, hair accessories, jewelry, or belts, transparent accessories go well with denim, camouflage, floral, mixed prints, tailored shorts, pleather, skirts, or dresses.


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