The Best Dating Simulation Games

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There are a variety of dating simulation games available. For the most part, these dating simulation games share several common features. Typically, the player controls a male character who is trying to get a date, have sex, marry or fall in love with a girl. These games often have an anime-style flavor, and many of the best dating simulation games are, in fact, Japanese. In dating simulation games, the player must try to achieve his goals by talking, giving gifts and showing off his physical prowess to the girl he likes. Some of the best dating simulation games include:

* Magical Date. This game was produced as a standalone arcade game in Japan, and was released in the United States on the Playstation by Taito. While the game is entirely in Japanese, even English-speaking players can enjoy the game. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is intuitive enough that you don’t need to have the on-screen words translated in order to have a good time.

* Sim Girls. This game is probably the most popular adult-oriented dating simulation game. Not intended for teens or younger, this game focuses on full-blown sexual exploits. In Sim Girls, the player has 100 days to impress the girl of his dreams. Sim Girls is flash-based and can therefore be played on any platform that supports Flash.

* Harvest Moon. While not strictly a dating simulation game, Harvest moon provides the player with the opportunity, as part of trying to build a successful farm, of dating and relationships. This sub-plot is entertaining, and would make an enjoyable dating simulation game in its own right. The Harvest Moon series is available on a number of platforms from the Nintendo DS to the Wii to the Playstation 3.

* The Sims. Another game that is not strictly a dating simulation is The Sims. As part of gameplay in The Sims, the player can form relationships with other characters, even eventually getting married and having children.

While there are other dating simulation games out there, these four games are the most popular and tend to be the most enjoyable, as well.


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