Ehow user upset with people who try to promote Bukisa!

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Ok. I had made the mistake of messaging about Bukisa. I stopped. If you don’t want to join nor don’t want messages about because you have joined it then put it on your home page. I know people here are mad because it is pay per article view and not pay per ad.  I have put my ehow article on there but I am in the process of adding new articles that I can not post on ehow.  It’s another way to get article views. What’s so wrong with that, some of us are not professional writers and are just trying to get max exposure? If something is copyrighted to me I can use how I chose. Sorry if we step on toes.  I get 10 to 20 messages about new articles a day. Is that not SPAM as you all want to put it? I go thru my friends list once a week looking for new articles. So stop bad mouthing something and making people afraid to use it just because you don’t like it!  You would think that professional writers would be friendlier because it is a tough profession to be in. I guess I was wrong.  I would think that with the way our economy is at this point and time that trying to get the most out of your article would be a smart thing.  Would you put your article on her if you did get paid for it? NO. So just let people no up front that you are not interested or already a member of Bukisa and the “SPAM” will stop.


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