Induce Labor With Castor Oil

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Ok so been there done that… and believe me I have like 20 t-shirts that have SMARTELLIC SAYINGS about being pregnant. At about ((oh lets say)) the first month pregnancy can be uncomfortable from MORNING SICKNESS to ((Oh My God)) hip PAIN. So here is a guide to inducing your own labor with CASTOR OIL!!

Step 1 Go to the store… ((Any Grocery or Pharmacy will do)) and get the goods! Castor oil and Orange juice. ((YUMMY))

Step 2 Table Spoon Please??

Step 3 Measure 2 Table Spoons of Castor OIL and place in a cup. ((Not so bad)) DONT SMELL or you may puke…

Step 4 Now Measure 8 oz of Orange Juice… Add more if you like just make sure it is at least 8oz. ((Orange Juice dilutes the oil a little to help with the taste)) Noticed I said a little the stinky stuff still tastes sick…

Step 5 A WORD OF ADVICE: ((Make sure your morning sickness has done passed for the day before you do this))

Step 6 Stir away or shake which ever you prefer.

Step 7 Now take your index finger and thumb and pinch that nose of yours… ((this helps with the awful taste)) Again helps not take away or make taste good!

Step 8 Ready, Set, CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG…

Step 9 As soon as it is gone make sure you prepare yourself for that first initial shock of EWW once you breathe again… ((IT SUCKS))!!

Step 10 Now play the waiting game… if no contractions by the next morning I would try again but if none after that… the BAYBAY is just not ready yet!!

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