Lessons In Zen From My Dog

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As he goes about his day, his habits and routine remain virtually the same, yet he is rarely bored. He isn’t concerned about what should have happened in the past or worrying about what might happen in the future. Instead he is intently focused on whatever he is doing from moment to moment and not expelling precious energy on futile attempts to control his destiny. Chester is completely satisfied with simple pleasures like going for a walk or playing with the cat. Also he isn’t losing any sleep over what people may think about him or any other mindless details. Instead he simply lives in the moment and in a strange way is the ultimate example of a true zen master.

I think there is much to be learned from our pets when it comes to living a happy and contented life. We may supercede them in our intelligence, but I would have to say that they definitely have us beat when it comes to wisdom.

How much energy do we waste focusing on made up problems that won’t even come to fruition when we could be investing our attention on what is happening right now? If you think about it “right now” is the only time we will ever really have. So lets take a page from our pets and try to be more like them. I propose that we all stop creating theoretical dilemmas and put all of our efforts in the now. Let us enjoy the journey and be less concerned about the destination.


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