Where to Find The Best Coupons

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Although the Sunday paper is the best place to find coupons, there are several other places to find them as well. In order to save the most amount of money using coupons, you have to get them from various sources. The more coupons you get from various sources, the more money you can save. Coupons are everywhere! Once you start collecting, you’re going to need a coupon binder to organize them all. Click here for coupon organization tips. Here’s a list of where you can find coupons to fill up your coupon binder.

The Sunday Paper – The Sunday paper has the best coupons. Stores will even base their sales on what coupons will be arriving in the Sunday paper. It’s like free money every week on your doorstep.

Print From Online – You can go to sites such as Coupons.com and browse coupons. Click on the ones you want. When you’re done, hit “print” and they will pop out three on a page. Put all your sheets of paper on top of another and you only have to cut out three rectangles. You can also go to manufacturers websites for coupons. There are many sites online that will scout these out for you and make a list. They’ll link directly to the page with the coupon. Try printablecoupondatabase.com.

Electronic Coupons – You can upload coupons right on to your store loyalty card. The awesome thing about this is most stores (like Kroger currently) will let you combine electronic coupons with paper coupons for extra savings. All you do is go to sites such as Shortcuts.com and Cellfire.com. Input your store loyalty card number and click the coupons you want loaded onto it. Then, when you checkout, the money will be taken off your bill when your card is scanned. Clip free savings!

On Products – You can find coupons inside the products that you buy to use on your next purchase. They’re either inside the box or you cut them out of the box. I bought a box of mashed potatoes the other day for $0.53 (I had a coupon) and on the back of the box there were two other coupons for $1.00 each which I used on my next trip. Sweet! You can even find what some crazy coupon ladies call “peelies.” These are the ones that you peel off the product to use when you go to the checkout line.

Magazines – Clip coupons from magazines. The absolute best magazine for finding coupons is “All You.” This magazine is only available at WalMart, although you can get a subscription. The magazine actually has more value in coupons than what you pay for the magazine. Even if you don’t read magazines, it’s worth it to buy All You just to clip the coupons from it.

Coupon Machines in the Store – You can grab them from those little machines on the aisles in the grocery store. You know those little red boxes that spit out the coupons? They’re right by the product. Grab a few. These are manufacturer’s coupons so you don’t have to use them in the store you get them in. If the product isn’t also on sale, just take the coupon and you can use it later. Keep your eyes peeled in the grocery store. You can usually pick up about five or six each trip.

Junk Mail – Don’t you just hate those junk mail envelopes and flyers that come in the mail? I don’t! Flip through them and you’ll most likely find some great coupons hidden in there.

Email lists – Go to sites for products, services or restaurants you like and sign up for their email list. These companies are usually anti-spam and when they send you an email, it most likely has a coupon you can print or information about an upcoming sale you might be interested in.

Grocery Store Mailing List – Make sure you are on your grocery store’s mailing list and you’ll get coupons. For example, Kroger sends me fabulous coupons every few months. I have received coupons from Kroger for free items such as eggs.

Ebay – People sell coupons online. Just yesterday I got 100 coupons for $2.34 on eBay (including shipping). That’s a deal. You can even browse for people who will separate coupons into categories. For example, I didn’t want any pet or baby coupons, so I won’t get any in my 100 coupons. But, you can purchase only baby or pet coupons if you use them regularly.

Coupon Clipping Services – These are great if you want the inserts from all over the country. Manufacturers sometimes won’t include coupons in every part of the country, so your insert may be different from someone in another state. Also, if there is a product you love, you can search the website on the coupon clipping services websites and order a specific amount of a specific coupon you use regularly. For example, if you got a great coupon for Oreos and you want more, you can go to a coupon clipping service and order 20 more if you want. They’ll usually charge anywhere between $0.02 and $0.20 for each coupon depending on how much the coupon worth.


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