Saving On Personal Care

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Every year we spend thousands of dollars on personal care items, from shampoo and makeup to soap and toothbrushes. Since such a significant amount of money is spent in this area, this is a great area to tackle if you want to make your dollar stretch further. With just a few adjustments to your personal care spending you can save a few hundred dollars per year.

So where do you start? Begin with the items that you spend the most on, as this will make the biggest difference. For most women this is hair and makeup.  If you go to the salon for color, then you can easily knock $100 or more off your yearly spending by opting to going to the salon for every other treatment, and then in the interim doing it at home.

Try finding free samples of makeup products at the websites of the makers, such as L’Oreal and Mabeline. You would be surprised how much you can get for nothing, and this will free up some cash for other things. Also consider cutting back on the amount of makeup you wear, your skin will thank you for it, and most people look younger when they tone down the foundation and eyeliner.

What about those fancy spa treatments? While you can’t do much about the ambiance, you can certainly enjoy pampering yourself at home for a fraction of the cost. Make your own skin exfolient by mixing together sugar, lemon juice and olive oil. Rub it onto dry skin and then rinse off. You will be left with extremely soft and smooth skin, and it probably cost you about $1.

There are tons of recipes online for home made skin care products, from facials to foot soaks. Most of these can be made with products you find at home, plus a few fresh ingredients like avocado or grapefruit juice. If you like getting a manicure or pedicure regularly, consider learning how to do it yourself. Even if you only cut out one trip per year that is still a big savings.

As for the little things like shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, try to look for opportunities to save. You know that your family needs new toothbrushes every few months, so if they drop in price stock up. Same goes for the other items. Try switching shampoos to a lower-priced brand, since there’s no evidence that a $15 shampoo is any better for your hair than a $5 one.

Look for products with great lasting power. For example, for Christmas my husband bought me this lovely bar of soap that probably cost about $7. It was a nice big bar, but even then I was surprised that it lasted about four months! If I had been using regular bars of soap I probably would have burned through four or five bars, so I actually saved a few bucks by switching to the fancy soap that lasts longer.

With a few adjustments to your beauty routine and shopping habits you can soon be on your way to major savings.

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