The Availability & Usefulness of Websites that Provide Personal Backround Information.

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The Internet provides a wealth of information at the touch of a button. There are several internet sites that provide detailed personal and back round information on almost anyone. If you are in search of information on a friend, family member, or potential job candidate you may find some of these sites quite useful., provides information on anyone concerning their address, phone number, age, and any alias used. Zabasearch is a free site available to anyone who has Internet capabilities.

US, provides information such as a persons name, address, phone number, place of employment, address history for the past 20 years, any Judgments or Liens filed, and any alias used. The site charges a fee for these services. The fees range anywhere from $10-$40. Major credit cards are accepted. Reports are usually received within 24 hours after placing order., very similar to US Search. Intelius provides comprehensive reports on almost anyone in the United States. Reports include, name, address, phone numbers, property ownership, and any Public record related information. Intelius charges a fee for their services. Fees range between $15-$35. Reports can be emailed to the purchaser., provides a variety of reports on individuals. The types of reports available are, back round checks, employment history, property ownership, Judgment Liens, address history going back 10 years, records pertaining to marriages and divorces, and any alias used. KnowX offers reports starting at $7. The more detailed reports can range in price from $15-$30. You must sign up for a personal account with KnowX in order to utilize their services.

People Search USA, offers a basic search report for free. The site has reports on property ownership, criminal and civil court records, settled cases, address history, employment information, and depending on the state, divorce and marriage records. Fees associated with the site start at $8. The more comprehensive detailed reports can cost up to $40.

These sites can prove to be very useful to consumers and employers. These sites provide a wealth of information which is very informative and helpful. Lets hope that consumers use any information obtained for legitimate purposes.


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