How To Lose Belly Fat Efficiently And Healthy

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  1. Cardio, not abdomen exercises

At first, it seems perfectly logical. You have fat on you abs, you work your abs to lose it. That’s not the case. It’s true, you will have stronger abdominal muscles if you train them. If you make hundreds or thousands of abs a day, you might even lose some weight. But it is quite inefficient. That’s because abdomen exercises grow abdominal muscles, but have little impact on the fat located there. In fact, not a single physical exercise in this whole wide world won’t burn the fat from a specific body part. Instead, it burns fat proportionally, from your entire body.

That’s why exercises are good. But instead of only doing abdomen exercises, chose cardiovascular ones. Jogging, swimming, cycling or roller skating are the most efficient fat burners you can try. That’s because they are aerobic exercises, that use fat as energy source. Unlike anaerobic ones, like those used in body building, that mainly use carbohydrates instead.

  1. Diet, not dangerous weight losing products

Some people think a weight losing product is all they need to take if they want to get rid of that unwanted fat. Appetite suppressant or other similar products can be very dangerous for your health. Each year, many weight-losing products like fenproporex, amphetamine derivates, Phenolphtalein or Sibutramine are forbidden in some countries, while still legal in others.

We’re not counting as dangerous weight losing products like those that contain caffeine or other natural products that naturally increase your basic metabolic rate. Neither meal-replacing shakes with protein and carbohydrates can be counted as dangerous.

The best thing you can do instead is eat right. Eat many times a day. If you eat one, two or even three big meals a day, your body will become lazy and store fat. Instead, if you eat , let’s say five smaller meals a day, your metabolism will become faster. In translation, that means you will lose more weight than usual even without  making more physical exercises.

Of course, it matters a lot what you eat. Grilled or boiled lean meat, low fat lactates, vegetables and fruits shouldn’t miss from your diet. Try avoiding junk food as much as possible.

  1. Drink water, don’t lose it.

Best thing you can do is drinking water so that you make sure you. Everyone know that. What many don’t know is how to avoid losing water. You’ve all heard or seen people who wrap their middle in plastic or wear many clothes so that they sweat a lot.. They think they lose fat , because ,,heat burns fat’’. They even see it when they check their weight. It’s a illusion. You haven’t lost fat. You lost water. And that’s not good for you. First of all, along with water , you lose vitamins and minerals. That will make you feel tired, with no energy and little concentration power.

Second, losing water means sabotaging your fat loss. Because only a hydrated body can efficiently burn fat. You can lose up to a few hundred calories a day by simply keeping hydrated. Remember, you should avoid bottle juice and alcohol. While the first makes you fat, the second has a dehydrating effect.

  1. Fitness

Of course, fitness. While weightlifting doesn’t consume a lot of calories during training, like cardio exercises do, it does it after. Your muscles use a lot of energy,  for recovering after training. It will help you lose fat, especially belly fat, because your middle is usually the place where it is stored. The best way is to combine cardio exercises with bodybuilding, for best results.


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