How To Become A Professional Temp

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In today’s terrible economy many people have turned to temping to earn some extra cash.  So what is temping exactly?  Well, it’s filling positions for companies on a temporary basis.  These temp jobs can include:  clerical, warehouse, retail, manual labor and more.  And here’s a quick guide to help you get started in the world of temping.

Use the internet and phone book to find temporary/employment agencies in and around your town.  There are many of them out there!

Call the agencies to set up interviews.  For clerical temp positions you will most likely be asked to take the following exams:  typing, Microsoft Office/Word and Excel.  These tests are fairly easy even if you just have very basic computer skills.

Once you have taken the tests and filled out the proper paperwork the agency will most likely do a background check and contact your references.

Now you are ready to become a professional temp!  Keep in mind that the more flexible you are, the more jobs you will be called for.  If you want to consistently work, accept any pay scale and be willing to take positions that are somewhat far from your home. 

You may be called for a few days here and there or for a few weeks and even months at a time.  And you will be paid directly from the agency.  You may qualify for jobs that require filing, answering phones, data entry, packing, shipping, etc.  If you make a really good impression, companies may want to hire you permanently or they will request you when there are in need of another temp.

Finally, sign up with as many agencies as you possibly can and you may just have a new career as a professional temp!


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