How To Make Easy Homemade Window Valances

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The cost of window treatments these days can be astronomical.  And in this dismal economy, fancy valances, drapes and blinds are a luxury and not necessarily a necessity.  Here’s a great idea for homemade window valances for dorm rooms, kitchens, kids rooms and more!

At your local Target, Wal-Mart, etc. browse through the home section for oversized fabric napkins.  These stores will have a fairly big selection.  Purchase the largest ones available.

Choose napkins in solid and floral prints to match the color of your room.  Fold each napkin in half diagonally so that you now have a triangular shape.  Drape several napkins over your curtain rod with the point of the triangle facing downwards.  Cover the entire rod using the napkins and alternate solid and floral prints for a unique result.  Make sure that your curtain rod is not visible.  These homemade window valances will only cost about $15-$30 depending on your window size!

You can also create your very own napkins by purchasing material from a fabric store and hemming the edges.  Choose whimsical patterns for a child’s room like sport’s themes, lovable characters and more.  Then once again fold them into a triangular shape and place them over the rod with the point facing the ground.

Homemade window valances can be used with roller shades, blinds, etc.  And you can easily wash them as needed.  Also, simply change out patterns and colors when desired.  The very best thing about these homemade window valances is that there are absolutely no tools involved!


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