Phillies 2010 New Additions (My First Article!)

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First i will start out saying that the Phillies are going to be the best team this season primarley because of their new additions.  The big addition that all of the baseball fans are talking about is Roy Halladay.  Most people did understand why they would trade away Cliff Lee Right after they traded him but i thought it was easy to understand.  Give away Lee(was not sure about signing long term) for Halladay(would sign for 3+ years).  They are both great pitchers but Halladay has better stats in the hardest division in baseball.

Another offseason addition was 3rd baseman Placido Polanco,  he played for Philadelphia for about 2 years then he was traded to the Detroit Tigers played there for 4 years and has now signed with the Phillies again.  He adds a .300 hitter into an already dangerous lineup.  My guess is that he will be batting second in the lineup moving Victorino down to the 6th or 7th spot.  He will be replacing Pedro Feliz who was known as a better fielder than a batter.  Planco is a good fielder to begin with and is also a great hitter.  He is a .303 lifetime hitter and was around a .330 hitter when he was with the Phillies.

Having these two new players coming onto the team will bring a whole new feel to the locker room.  Roy Halladay will be a great guide for many of the pitchers on the Phillies staff and that will help them alot.  The Phillies have already seen Polanco but having a new Hall Of Fame caliber pitcher thrown into the rotation will make this team look even better.


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