In What Year Was The First Computer Invented?

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In what year was the first computer invented? There are a lot of answers and they are really inconsistent, but we will do the best we can in answering the question.

First, you have to define computer. A computer is technically anything that computes or calculates, so the first computer was really invented around 300+ BC and was called the abacus. This is really not the answer anyone wants to hear. In the 1700’s and 1800’s other much more efficient calculation devices were designed however they also required manual effort in order to operate.

The first fully automated computer was invented in the 40’s and there were several of them developed. We will define fully automated as someone puts in data and it spits out data without any manual setup or operation. A common theory on the first one was in 1945, the Electronic Numerator Integrator Analyzer and Computer or ENIAC. This thing weighed over 25 tons.

A more realistic estimate was Colossus in 1942-1943. The computer was developed in England to crack German codes.

The Baby was the first computer invented that could actually store its own programs. This computer was created at Manchester University.

The first modern computer or the Personal computer was not invented by Macintosh or IBM or even in the Silicon Valley; rather it was created in San Antonio Texas by a company called CTC, Computer Technical Corporation. The man who invented it is named Jack Frassanito and it was developed in 1970. This is considered the first PC because it is the first standalone desktop processor with its own central processing unit, CPU. Texas Instruments and Intel both tried to develop the processes at the same time, but CTC beat them out.


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