How To Make Money On Moola

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How To Make Money On Moola

Wouldn’t it be great if you got paid for all the games that you play? Imagine if Facebook paid you every time you played one of their games, you’d be rich. Well that’s exactly what Moola does. You can make money on Moola.

Moola is a site where you play games, mostly against other Moola members, and you can win money every time you play. Moola starts off by giving you one cent. Then you can play against someone to make two cents, then four cents. It continues this way and if you’re good you could makethousands or even millions of dollars.

Another way to make money using Moola is with the search and win. Every time you do an internet search through Moola, you have a chance to win $100. The chances of actually winning $100 is pretty small but I’ve won a few dollars using the search and win feature.

There are a ton of different games to play at Moola and one of the most popular ones is Hi/Lo. It’s a game where you just have to guess if the next card shown will be higher or lower than the current one. There’s a link the a really simple card counting website at the bottom of the page to help you out.

Overall Moola is a lot of fun and making money is a bonus. I would continue playing even if I didn’t make any money from it. Anyways, it’s completely free so check it out, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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