Dvd Shopping: Movie "must-Haves"

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So the holidays and/or  your birthday is over with and you’re now wondering how to redeem those Best Buy gift cards that you received! If you have no idea what to do with these gift cards, and you’re a movie lover, then you should strongly consider buying DVDs. What DVDs should you buy, you ask? Here are three excellent, top-quality comedic movies that you should highly consider (if you haven’t already):

-Tropic Thunder:

Not only does this movie provide you with plenty of laughs, but it actually has a good deal of action! It’s the perfect combo! This is definitely not a movie that anybody would fall asleep to! Plus, it makes for a great DVD because it’s one of those movies that you’ll want to watch over and over again—a movie in which Robert Downey Jr. remarkably portrays an African American and Tom Cruise acts totally “Non-Cruise-Like” as a hysterical cursing sailor that loves to dance is a movie that you will surely watch more than once!

-The Hangover:

This movie is already considered by many to be an instant, iconic classic. It’s a great movie to add to your collection not only because of its non-stop humor, but because the humor can be enjoyed by virtually anyone that is 16 and over! Come on, think about it, parents. How many movies are out there that you and your teens actually agree on?? Probably not many, but this is one of them! Plus, if you’re a parent, all of your kid’s friends will think you are really cool parents for owning this. Although, that also means that they will hang out at your house a lot and eat all of your food!

-National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

Newsflash . . . this movie is THE Christmas movie. It’s not “It’s a Wonderful Life” and it’s not “A Christmas Story.” Sure, those two movies will forever be appreciated, but Mr. Griswold takes the cake for the best holiday movie ever! If for some reason you don’t have this movie in your collection by now, you need to get out of your cave and go buy it! Plus, this TRULY is a movie for all ages, as it is rated PG and can be enjoyed just as much by a 9-year old as it is by a 75-year old! Buy this movie now or else Cousin Eddie will kidnap a family member!

OK . . . giddyup! Get shopping!


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