A Funny Moment In Time: 6Th Grade Basketball

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It saddens me that March Madness is nearly over with. March Madness is like Christmas to me, so to see it end is like seeing Santa flying off your chimney, as you know you will have to wait an entire year to see him again!

During this exciting tournament, there were some crazy and spectacular finishes.  And of course, there were also some flops and missed layups, as well!  These unfortunate moments made me think of my most comical moment in my sports life. I’ve been involved in sports all my life, so it’s hard to pick just one hilarious incident, but there is one incident that does stick out more in mind than any other incident. It happened during my basketball season in 6th grade.

We were a small farm town school and didn’t have much for athletes. Most of the people in my town were better at milking cows than they were at shooting hoops, so as you can imagine, our basketball team was pretty horrid.

My sixth grade basketball team only had five games for the season, but anybody who saw us play would say that was five games too many.

I remember one game in particular. As usual, we were losing. We weren’t just losing – we were getting demolished. By the time the 4th quarter started, we were down by about 30 points. The opposing team had just scored yet another basket against our hapless excuse for a defense.

I took the ball out of bounds and threw the inbounds pass to my buddy, Nate. This was the first time in Nate’s life that he had ever played basketball, so it was always an adventure when he had hold of the ball. Normally, he would dribble the ball off his feet or get called for double dribbling and traveling. He never ceased to amaze us with his uncanny athleticism. On this day in particular, he took us on a brand new journey.

Nate caught my inbounds pass as everybody else began to make their way to the other side of the court. Nate caught the ball and froze. He then looked around the court, then looked back at me, and then, for some reason unknown to mankind, he shot the ball. He shot the ball. No, he did not shoot the ball at the opposing team’s basket. He shot it at our basket. I stood there, frozen in shock and disbelief as he lofted a sorry excuse for a shot toward the hoop. Thankfully, he had horrible shooting skills, so the ball clanked off the rim. I was actually impressed that he even caught rim to be honest with you. Unfortunately, though, the ball bounced back toward Nate on the rebound. He caught the rebound and I swear he was going to shoot at our basket again, as he was apparently totally oblivious to all the people that were yelling “WRONG BASKET!” Knowing our team’s luck, this would probably be the first time that Nate would ever make a basket!

In fear that he might shoot at our own basket again, I quickly ran toward him and tried to steal the ball from him. As I was doing this, an opposing player from the other team had made his way to us and he joined in the efforts of trying to steal the ball from Nate. It was the most pathetic display you could ever imagine. Two players, from two different teams, trying to steal the ball away from ONE individual!

I was eventually able to steal the ball from Nate. He gave me the blankest stare when I took that ball from him. Still, to this day, I don’t think he has any clue why I had taken the ball from him!


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