Joan Of Arc And Women's History Month

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Joan of Arc website celebrates Women’s History Month with free resources. St. Joan was one of the greatest women to ever live and Women’s History Month is a wonderful opportunity to remember her and celebrate her contributions to the world.  Joan continues to be an inspiration and role-model to women today because of the outstanding qualities she exhibited during her brief life.  Famous 19th century Scottish author and historian Andrew Lang once described Joan as the “Flower of Chivalry” which is a title that probably best summarizes her character. 

Women’s History Month was created thirty years ago to help people remember the great achievements and contributions that women have made throughout the history of the world.  While there have been many great women down through the ages who have made significant contributions to the world there is none who stands out in quite the same way as Joan of Arc.  Rising from total obscurity to lead her people to impossible victories over the most powerful army in the world at the time Joan achieved a fame that continues to amaze all who hear her story.

Joan of Arc lived for only nineteen years but the brilliance of her life has continued to inspire people.  Joan was the youngest person in history at only seventeen to command the armies of a nation.  She won two of the greatest victories in all of military history at Orleans and Patay.  Despite her military success she was ultimately captured by her enemies and convicted in a rigged trial for heresy and burned at the stake where she died at the young age of nineteen.  Throughout her life she maintained her great faith in God and ultimately was rewarded in 1920 when she was canonized a Saint by the same Church that had once condemned her to death. 

In a day and age when it seems that there are no true heroes anymore it is refreshing to remember Joan of Arc and again believe that heroes are possible.  And let Joan be a reminder to everyone during Women’s History Month about all that women can achieve and that women can ultimately be the greatest heroes of all. 

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