The Debate: Ncaa Vs. Nba

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If you are one of those people that think the NBA is better than college basketball, then I have one request for you. I request that you hit yourself on the head a couple times until you knock some sense through your thick skull!

Where do I begin? First of all, there is this thing called March Madness! With the exception of the NFL’s Super Bowl, this is undoubtedly the most exciting sporting event of the year! It really is madness, as there is always a huge upset, as some small farm team from a non-sports school from some place like Vermont Community College always finds a way to knock off a #3 or #4 seed. Everybody loves a good Cinderella story! This is probably the best “reality TV” during the month of March.

Does the NBA have March Madness? No, they have what is called “The never-ending playoffs.” Their playoffs start around mid-April and do not end until mid-June! Mid-June!! Are you kidding me?! Talk about overkill, huh? Secondly, it’s way too easy to make the playoffs in the NBA. For the past couple of seasons, we have seen teams with LOSING records from the Eastern Conference make the playoffs! Really? How do you justify that? You will never see a college basketball team with a record of 14-18 in March Madness! (unless they win their conference tournament, of course)

And what about the fans and atmosphere? Have you ever been to an NBA game? Wow, talk about YAWN! Unless you are lucky enough to witness exciting players like Lebron James or Kobe Bryant, you’re going to find yourself falling asleep at NBA games. The fans at NBA games are extremely quiet and never show any life unless there is a game winning shot attempt with 1.3 seconds left in the 4th quarter. College basketball is a different story, though. Have you ever seen a Duke game? Ever seen the large number of fans painted in blue, bouncing up and down for nearly the entire game? Ever seen the energetic Dick Vitale hanging out in the stands and revving the fans up? What commentator in the NBA is more exciting than Dick Vitale? Anybody? Mark Jackson? Hubie Brown? Jeff Van Gundy? Marv Albert? None of those guys stand a chance! The only that comes close to Dick’s charisma is Jeff Van Gundy, but he only attracts excitement by running on the court, falling down, and being dragged around the court while clinging to a big center’s ankles. It’s fun to watch and would probably increase ratings, but Jeff would probably have to make a career change if he pulls such an act again. Dick Vitale should be the token spokesperson for all energy drinks! Heck, I think alarm clocks should replace the “buzz” function with a ” Dick Vitale” function. Imagine sleeping in your cozy bed and suddenly waking up to an alarm clock at 5:30 in the morning that screams out “It’s awesome, baby!” That would be a sweet alarm clock! You got one of those? I’ll order it right now!

Yeah, sure, the NBA attracts more celebrities at games, but do you ever watch these guys at the games? Personally, I live about 5 minutes from the Orlando Magic and have been to a handful of their games. Many of times I have seen our homeboy, Tiger Woods, at our games, sitting in the front row. I was once tempted to walk down to his seat and dump a huge bucket of ice water on top of his head just to see if I could make him move! Wow, talk about a lame fan! Although, I do remember one game in particular where Dwight Howard made a huge dunk and nearly brought the whole backboard down. Tiger was so excited that he softly puts his hands together and offered a “polite” golf clap. Whoa, Tiger! Get a hold of yourself, you wild man, you! Geez . . . hey Tiger, we’re not on the golf course! You can make noise! You can show a little more emotion, ya know! What a waste of a good front row seat to have a statue as a fan sitting in it!

But do you see these kinds of fans in college basketball? Heck no!! College fans are anything but boring. In addition to the crazy Dukies at Duke, you have the fans that dress up in creative outfits to distract free throw shooters; you have the fans that constantly are dancing whether the team is losing or winning; and you have the crazy, supportive fans that storm the court after huge upsets. How can you not love that atmosphere?

Oh, one more thing about the perks of college basketball. These players are playing for free! They play for free, they play for pride, they play for respect, and unless they have a broken leg, they play every game. The NBA, on the other hand, has a bunch of divas that have to sit out two games whenever they have an upset stomach! “Oh, no, he has diarrhea . . . you better let him take a couple games off!” Come on! Or what about the NBA player that cuts a little too far when clipping his finger nails? “Oh, no, he has uneven fingernails . . . you better let him take a couple games off to let that nail grow back! We can’t be messing up his three point shot!” Come on!

When all is said and done, college basketball is simply more exciting than the NBA, and as long as March Madness exists (and as long as the NBA playoffs continue to last an eternity), it will stay that way!


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