How to Find Free Stuff For Pregnant Women

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Let’s face it, babies are expensive!  Formula may cost you around $25 per can and don’t even get me started on the ridiculous price of diapers!  Luckily there’s help out there for pregnant women and if you do your homework you will uncover a treasure trove of coupons, free samples, discounts and more.  Here’s a quick guide to find free stuff for pregnant women:

Log onto formula websites for Enfamil, Similac and Good Start to register for coupon programs.  Most of these companies will send coupons every month for about 6 months.  And these coupons offer big savings, sometimes up to $12 off per can!  Some formula companies will also send you free samples of their products. And formula brands like Enfamil will even present you with a voucher to cash in during your hospital stay for a free diaper bag

You can also get free stuff for pregnant women from magazine companies.  American Baby and Baby Talk offer free months of their helpful publications.

Gerber’s website displays a printable coupon for a new mom backpack filled with baby goodies.  And you will find more free stuff for pregnant women by visiting the site for Baby Center which provides coupons, free samples and 3 personalized greeting cards from Shutterfly.

Be sure to visit the popular diaper sites for free samples and lots of great coupon programs.

Find out if your city or one close by hosts a baby expo.  These mommy-to-be conventions offer free stuff for pregnant women as well as contests, raffles, giveaways and drawings for can’t live without baby gear.

Do a little research, register with as many companies as you possibly can and pretty soon your mailbox will be overflowing with free stuff for pregnant women!


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