How to change an x box CD drive out and in with the new one

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Step 1When it comes to the x box it’s a big computer with a mother board and HD. The first thing you do is take the x box flip it upside down. The x box then will need all the rubber things off the bottom. In order for you to get to the screws. There is one screw that is located under the sticker so make sure you get that one. This will help you if you get it open. The screws need the Torx 10 in order to get them out.

Step 2 Once you get the screws out you will need to flip the system over and take the top off. Now you will have the x box open and ready to go. Step3 Now that you did that you need to unscrew the CD drive out with the 2 screws that are holding it down. After you do that take the power cable out of the back of the CD driver, Also the ribbon that’s attached to it. The CD drive will be hard to get out. As long as you have the 2 screws out you will get it out. Step4 When you get the CD drive out you need to place the new one in. The CD drive will be some troubles going back in but you will get it. The CD drive now needs to be plugged in. When you plug In the x box you should plug in the ribbon and the power. When you do that plug the x box up and turn it on. Do not touch anything in the x box. Step5 Now that you turned it on, try to see if it ejects and reads disc. Now that you seen it work you need to test it for 10 to 20 minutes to make sure. When you do that and it still works. Screw everything back in.

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