How to Fix an X Box That Has Disc Errors Problem

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When it comes to the x box it’s a big computer with a mother board and HD. The first thing you do is take the x box flip it upside down. The x box then will need all the rubber things off the bottom. In order for you to get to the screws. There is one screw that is located under the sticker so make sure you get that one. This will help you if you get it open. The screws need the Torx 10 in order to get them out.

Step2 Next you take the x box flip it up right and take the top off. Now you will see the hard drive to the left and the CD drive to the left. The CD Drive will be easy to get open. The CD drive now will need to be unscrewed with the Phillips screw driver # 1. Step3 Take the cover off the CD drive. First take the can air and spray the system down and the lens area. When you do take the lens cloth or Q-tip and dip it in the cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol. Now rub the lens softly to clean the laser eye. Be careful not to scratch the lens so you don’t mess it up. Step4 Now that you cleaned the lens let it dry. Here is the testing. Take a game and place it in the Cd drive. Place the cover over and turn the x box on. Instead of holding the cover on cause that can cause scratches. You should screw in the 2 screws. Step5 The next thing to do is to test the game you want to play for 10 to 20 min in order to make sure it worked. Step6 If that worked then you should put everything back together. Now for those that it didn’t help make sure you look at my how to install a new CD drive for x box. Also re clean the laser to make sure you cleaned it correctly Warnings : The main warning you need to follow is not to leave the x box plugged in while it’s open. When you go to test the system make sure you don’t touch anything but the power button.

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