Five Points Someone

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Hi friends. I am going to tell you something about a national best seller book “five point someone what not to do at iit”. when i was in my 11th standard i was preparing for engineering and that time i had a dream to study at iit but due to some problem i could not even sit in the iit entrance exam and i appeared state jee exam and studied in state engineering college. i was a average student and the main problem with me that i don’t have patience to read theory papers so I cant  read novels also. i never read long stories as i feel very bore. Sometimes i forget that what i read last . that’s why whenever i get time i read short stories. Last year on my birth day one of my friends gifted me a book . just seeing that book which contains 270 pages I felt like this is the worst gift . who has patience to read one book of 270 pages and then I thought I will also gift it to someone else. It was on my table for 2 days without opened. Next day morning I got up and thought of
turned the cover page of the book and I did it and I saw author’s picture was there and I liked his face, he was looking good so I thought of turn some more pages . on the cover its written that “the national best seller soon to be a major film ‘five points someone what not to do at iit’ ”.author is “chetan bhagat”. Then I read some points out . after that I called my friend who gifted me this book and asked what is book all about . she said “I know u don’t like reading novels but I am giving u 100% assurance that you will like it and the main thing is that once you start reading this book you will feel like to read next what happens ”. I heard from some book worms that when they get some good books they won’t get peace till they finish that book. I also wanted to feel that so I thought of reading this book. That’s how I started reading this book and really this is a wonderful book and I kept on reading till the last line. This book is all about 3 iit
students who used to get five points something GPAs in their exams , their mischief, their friendship, love . after reading the book I became a fan of Mr Chetan Bhagat. He described everything in such way that it will hold you till you finish the book , you will not feel like loosing your interest in anywhere. My first experience of reading a book was very good. You people who has not read this book atleast read it once , it will make you remember your college time. I ll give this five points book full ten mark. Writer’s way of writing is very good. All viewers read it and enjoy it.


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