Do you think making money from Internet is possible?

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Well, most people till now still think that making money online is impossible. That is where they are definitely wrong. Such perspective would came to their knowledge when they had tried and failed. And they had failed badly. Internet is an arena of endless and limitless possibility. Just look at Facebook and YouTube, can you even imagine how much popular websites like that earn. At least I know it is a large amount that we are talking about here. Well, to develop applicational sites like this is never simple and not everyone can do it. For the less technological inclined, there are other possibilities as well. Like I said, Internet is a place of endless possibilities.

Make money by blogging

Let me just get this straight. Not many people are able to make even a few cents from blogs unless you are into getting paid to post programs where websites give you tasks and you start to blog about it and linked up a couple of anchor text for the advertiser. From what I can see, getting paid to post are really not viable now. Due to the recent updates on how search engine works, getting paid to post are more likely to be filtered out from top search results. Search engine like Google aims to provide the best and the purest search function. Of course, that would not be the end of making money by blogging. You can still rely on the most basic money-making vehicle of all, affiliate marketing like Google Adsense and AdBrite. These programs basically rely almost totally on how popular is your website and that will be the amount that will be paid to you. But trust me, this is very difficult. Just because you have read and understood SEO, does not necessary helps your blog to attain high PageRank.The most effective way to start a blog with good traffic would be a site that has something unqiue and niche.

Get paid to write

Well, in the current economic crisis going on, hard earned money is really precious. Paid-to-click (PTC) and programs like that are getting really risky and one by one they ended up being scams. So this makes getting paid to write articles, abstracts, news and guides more stable. On the back of these websites are stable companies doing a honest business. After telling myself that PTC or PTR are not going to work anymore, I have been putting in substantial efforts into getting paid to write programs and I am currently seeing very rewarding results in terms of earnings. This earnings are consistent and are dependable on page views and again SEO applies. Some of the best money-making paid to write websites are Helium, Shvoong and GroundReport.

But like any other opportunities, some will do well and some will fail. You need to have the ability to express yourself in words and marketing these articles, news and so on is exceptionally important. Personal experiences with marketing own sites or articles is that social bookmarking websites really made a huge difference.


All in all, making money online is possible. And of course, there are also some other ways that users can making money online. But my point is, you need to have the cut in order to earn.


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