How To Save Money On Summer Vacation Homes.

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Knowing the tricks on how to save money on summer vacation homes can make your summer vacation a lot more relaxing, spacious and comfortable.  As opposed to being in a stank, musty and bug-infested motel, a small B+B with their time constraints, staying in someone’s home or cottage, on a lake, river or ocean front property can be a lot cheaper, a lot roomier and a lot more comfortable.  The first and most obvious tip on how to save money on summer vacation homes is to book early, and to ensure the owners that you will take care of their home and property as if it were your own.

One thing that people who rent out their homes in the summer to vacationers worry about the most is the damages that can occur, and the costs of fixing up the damages caused by uncaring tenants.  Offer the home owner a written guarantee that you will pay to fix any damages that may incur, for a slightly reduced price on the rental fee.  Many homeowners will take advantage of this, as the note can be held as evidence in a civil lawsuit over damages.

In order to save the most, take advantage of the slower seasons for people who rent their homes and cottages to vacationers, try taking your vacation in mid-Spring or early-Fall.  The months of July and August are the premium months for people looking to make some extra money buy renting out their waterfront homes and properties, and there is not much that you can offer to make them come down in price.  That is, of course, unless there is a reason for people not renting in that area, like there being no fish, or the lake drying up and there being not enough water to drive boats.

You can save on vacation homes by renting the more out of the way properties that are listed.  Take a tour on the Internet, and look for summer vacation home rentals that are a ways off of the beaten path.  Not everyone likes to vacation out in the middle of nowhere, and many vacation home owners have trouble finding people to rent their properties.  Being flexible in where you go, with the mindset that as long as you are out of the city, and into the wilderness, you are on vacation.  Just make sure in advance that campfires are allowed, as many homeowners do not have campfire pits on their properties.  And, if you were to dig a fire pit, you could be charged with the fee for covering it over and re-landscaping the spot.

One sure-fire way to save money on summer vacation homes is to reserve early, as in six or more months in advance.  Many people will offer a reduced rate for advanced bookings, and doing so can save you a good deal of money.  Another way is to scour the Internet, as well as local posting boards for the small towns that you would be interested in vacationing in or near.  People who do not make a lot of money off of their rental properties will only list on-line, since newspaper advertisements can get very costly if you have to advertise in lots of big-city newspapers.  Finding these people, you should be able to barter for a lower cost, as long as you are willing to put a sizeable deposit down.

Saving on vacation homes gives you more money to spend on enjoying yourselves, and getting more from the homeowner can save you even more.  Ask the homeowner if they have a fishing boat, or a boat of any kind, water craft or ATVs, basically any recreational vehicles that you can use, and would save money on renting them at a marina or local rental business.  The more things that you can get added to what you will be able to use at the summer vacation property would give you more fun things to do, and save you money at the same time.

Being flexible in the time that you will rent the property, and where you would go can be the biggest ways to save money on vacation homes.  Be smart and investigate all of the options open to you before committing to one property.


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