Free Printable Fairly Odd Parents Coloring Pages

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If you have children you have probably heard of Nickelodeon Nick Kids cartoon the Fairly OddParents. The show follows Timmy Turner and his Fairy God parents Cosmo and Wanda as they go on adventures and try to help Timmy from his evil teenage babysitter and Francis the bully at his school.

One thing young children love to do is color and your Fairly OddParents fan will love printing out these free coloring pages showing Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and their little baby Poof. You can let them color with Crayons or markers After your child completes these coloring pages they can hang them up at home in the kitchen or their bedroom. Here are some Fairly OddParents coloring pages they will enjoy.

Kids-N-Fun –

This site offers several Fairly Odd Parents coloring pages that give your child the choice of coloring Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo, the evil babysitter and Timmy’s parents.

Cartoon Color Pages –

This website offers 11 different Fairly OddParents coloring pages that include Wanda, Cosmo, Timmy as a ninja and wearing the Dunce cap at school, Francis the Bully and the evil babysitter.

Coloring Pages for Kids –

This site has one coloring page of Timmy as a Fairy with his magic wand.

Activity Coloring Pages –

This site has 6 coloring pages showing individual members of the Fairly Odd Parents. You will find AJ, Chester, Timmy, Vicky, Cosmo and Wanda.

Timmy Turner Coloring Page –

This coloring page is of Timmy Turner running outside.

How to Draw Timmy –

This coloring page shows Timmy relaxing outside in the grass.


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