Tips Strippers Use For Weight Loss

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On any given day in the United States of America, a stripper in your favorite gentleman’s club is getting a great workout while making money hand over fist. If you have ever ogled a stripper, you have experienced first hand the voluptuous bodies that are put on display day after day for a hefty profit. These strippers are no fools, and they know that their bodies are their greatest asset. If their body looks fantastic, then they will make more money, giving them an extra incentive to shake it harder on the stage.

So how do strippers get their great bodies? If you have ever dreamed of having a body that people would pay good money just to get close to, then you would do well to follow the tips the strippers use for weight losss. If you pay close attention to what they do, then you to can have a stripper ready body.

Strippers have to eat right

The first thing that most strippers focus on is their diet. This may seem a little redundant, but it cannot be stressed enough. If you want a sexy body you have to watch what you eat. So no more burgers, shakes, sausages, tacos, and fatty fast foods that can lead to diabetes and heart diseases. You will never see a stripper eat a New York strip steak, with mashed potatoes, beer, and chocolate cake, and then go on stage and shake it on the stripper pole. If you want to be every man’s object of desire than you need to watch what you eat. It can certainly be a challenge, so if you ever get downtrodden, just go to your local watering hole, and watch the strippers at work in their element, doing what they do best.

Another tried and true stripper method is to exercise on a daily basis. You can’t cheat, as that is simply not how to look your best. You have to be in the gym for at least an hour a day, preferably seven days a week. But it is just as important to be smart about your workouts, so you do not expend any unnecessary energy in trying to look thin. This will only circumvent your efforts, making it impossible to achieve that much desired stripper look.

Strippers have to exercise day and night to get their awesome bodies

If you want to lose weight, then you need to work out. It works for strippers the world over, and it can work for you. So the next time you are feeling down about your personal appearance, get on a treadmill, or do some sit ups and unleash your inner stripper.

If you follow these tried and true stripper techniques, you will be looking your best in no time at all. You will undoubtedly experience an increased level of confidence. This is only natural because your smoking hot stripper body will make you the center of attention wherever you go. People will pay to get a close look at your body, which is the ultimate goal of the stripper diet and exercise regimen.

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