Three Unusual Ways to Cover Ugly Walls in Your Home

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Many homes have ugly of damaged walls that are unsightly.  Fixing them with new wallboard, drywall, or paneling can be costly and labor intensive.  Instead of undertaking a massive renewal project, try using these three unusual methods for covering ugly walls in your home.

Cover Ugly Walls Method #1 – Tapestries

Wall tapestries are not just for hippie head shops.  You can find cotton wall tapestries in many different styles and sizes these days.  Some have lovely patterns and colors.  Others actually depict scenes such as garden paths and tropical beaches.  They give the illusion that your room is part of the outside world.

Tapestries are a great way to cover ugly walls in your home because they are versatile, easy to put up, and easy to take down for cleaning.  They can be attached to your wall with simply thumbtacks or small nails.

Cover Ugly Walls Method #2 – Bamboo or Woven Mats

Another great way to cover ugly walls in your home is by hanging bamboo or woven mats.  These are usually designed to be either shades or even floor coverings, but can be used on the walls as well.  Be certain to purchase mats that are large enough to cover the desired wall and simply use small nails to attach them to the studs.  These can be vacuumed where they hang or taken down periodically for washing and dusting.

Cover Ugly Walls Method #3 – Contact Paper

If you would like the look of wallpaper without the expense and trouble of gluing and hanging it, you might like to use contact paper to cover your ugly walls.  Contact paper comes in many patterns and styles such as wood grain, floral, and even marble patterns.  It is easy to apply to the wall by carefully unrolling it from its back as you go.  Be careful of bubbles and wrinkles, however.

Contact paper is an especially good wall covering because it requires no special cleaning or care.  Since it is usually plastic, you can wipe it down with a damp sponge if it ever gets dirty.  When you are ready to remake your ugly wall, it can be ripped off the wall with a lot less mess than traditional wallpaper.

If you have ugly or unsightly walls in your home, you can either spend a lot of money and time repairing them, or use one of these unusual methods for covering them.  Covering ugly walls can be a temporary solution to the problem.  However, it can also create a unique and unusual home decor look that is just your style.


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